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PAC3760 Plus Appliance Tester

PAC3760 Plus Appliance Tester

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The PAC3760 Plus is one of Seawards basic appliance testers that offers user-friendly operation and a great value option. Considering its price range it comprises of many useful features, such as being battery powered, RCD testing capabilities and is printer compatible.

The PAC3760 plus appliance tester is a versatile tester lightweight but highly specified test instrument.

This all new version of it's predecessor - the popular PAC3760 features many benefits over the original model. Seaward have added RCD testing at 10mA and 30mA, displayed values in addition to PASS and FAIL, battery operation and optional adaptors available for 3-phase testing (available separately).


Testing appliances and leads in accordance with the AS/NZS 3760:2003 including those with electronic switches. This feature packed appliance tester with 10mA and 30mA RCD testing is set to be another highly popular model from Seaward.

Test Functions

  • Earth continuity test
  • Insulation test - 500V
  • Polarity test (ext leads + IEC leads)
  • Current leakage (10A)
  • RCD Testing trip time (10mA and 30mA)
  • Socket Wiring Test
  • 3 Phase leakage testing - adaptors required
  • 3 Phase insulation resistance testing - adaptors required

Features and Specifications

  • PASS/FAIL and values display (LCD)
  • Earth Continuity test (100mA)
  • 500V DC Insulation test
  • Appliance 'on' continuity check
  • Simple 6 button one touch operation
  • 10mA Trip Time RCD test
  • 30mA Trip Time RCD test
  • 3-phase dedicated test function for leakage and insulation resistance(adaptors required)
  • Power socket test
    Battery and Mains operated (only)

Accessories include an Earth lead, Earth clip, Mains lead, IEC lead, Protective case, carry strap, 6 x AA batteries, manual, and certificate of conformity.

Near New condition. Comes with cables and carry case


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