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Group Learning 2 Hour I-T Course - Smart Phone & Computer Basic Training

Group Learning 2 Hour I-T Course - Smart Phone & Computer Basic Training

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(ETBS) - Essential Technology Basic Knowledge of Smart Phones &  Computers (Level 1) - Group Training For Senior citizens.
We Fix Tech are offering a community group training course that supports and motivates you to enjoy technology while using your device. Having the control and freedom at your fingertips to reconnect with loved ones and chat with friends will be one of the simple pleasures you will gain. Join in the fun with our 2 hr group crash course. This will improve your basic skills to use your laptop and smartphone correctly and safely. Also get to know how to search the internet easier and use social media, check emails, video calls and even learn to set up your own google and samsung account. Be familia with syncing devices and backing up data to the cloud. Getting to know basic functions of your smart phone with becoming more aware of your settings, device care and general maintenance of a smartphone or laptop. This will give you the power to use your device more smoothly and minimise the frustrations connected with technology.
Learning how to use facebook, youtube and web browsers to surf the net to make all the experience fun. We provide training that is exciting, fun and classes are a guaranteed pass. No one fails in our group training. With this as your ammunition you can confidently gain the necessary skills you need to get through most problem solving issues.  
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Course duration - 2 Hours

1 Hour Training 

15 min cup of tea and snacks (Supplied)

45 min Training - Finish 


We are aiming to have our first group course organized by the 31st July 2020. Course start times - 7pm - 9pm 

All trainees must supply there own devices 


Non super gold card members total course costs duration of 2 hours.

$90 per person. + 5% Credit Card Surplus


Super gold card members will be entitled to a 15% discount of total course price. 


$75 per super gold members. + 5% Credit Card Surplus


Please let us know if you have any questions or want to sign up to our super gold member gold card. 


$150 Super Gold Card Per Annual + 5% Credit Card Surplus


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